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There is no such thing poster

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There may be some use for the word accident but not in most realities. Injuries occur because not enough attention is being paid to doing the procedure safely… period.

You can’t remind people enough that their safety ultimately depends on them paying attention.

Our posters will help. Our other reinforcing reminders will help additionally.

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Be Wise, Wear Safety Glasses, is one of many animal cartoon posters we offer.

May 16, 2010

Sometimes a person decides wearing safety glasses “this time” is unnecessary…. and it’s the last time they are able to see well. People need constant reminders that being safe is there responsibility. We offer many reminders including safety posters, banners, decals, handouts, incentive and awards. Setting the stage for Work Safety is easy with us. […]

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You can stop work injuries, just do it! Work injuries prevention for safety at work or at home.

May 9, 2010

Work injuries usually occur because a person either takes a chance or takes their mind off what they’re doing. Our work safety posters will keep your people’s minds on being responsible for what they’re doing. Review our web site for employee awareness ideas, better yet, give us a call. 800 875-1725

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Are You Hearing This?

March 12, 2010

For years teenagers have been told to “Turn that music down!”.  Some would say it’s just a generational thing and that “older” people just don’t appreciate “good music”.  And that’s probably partially true.  But of course, it’s also the wisdom that comes from experience that provokes that “Turn it down!”. The fact is that loud […]

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Pointing Out Safety

February 3, 2010

I just posted about a great safety mat and realized; I forgot about the poster that goes with it! The poster and mat are just an example of the type of themed messages we create and provide for organizations that need to drive messages to their employees and community.  To really generate awareness, it’s important […]

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